THE STUDIO was originally built by the previous owner in the 1980’s. However, in 2010 an uncharacteristically violent storm tore off the roof and the cottage was abandoned and left derelict for many years. When we bought the property, the cottage was being used as a shed for a brood of chickens and their day-old chicks! It was a difficult decision whether to completely remove the derelict t cottage or to rebuild it, but thankfully we decided to rebuild.


After extensive renovations – including a new roof, complete interior gutting, and a landscape garden – THE STUDIO became habitable and was rented out to a newly married couple for two years, until we decided to convert it into self-catering accommodation.

There is an old dairy on the farm that has been converted to a rural church, and guests are welcome to join the small congregation from mid-morning on Sunday.  The open-sided dairy that overlooks Albert Falls dam provides a unique opportunity to workshop God in a simple and authentic manner.